To enroll with USANA an individual must simply complete the Associate Application and Agreement and purchase one of the starter kits (eBDS for $19.95 or hard copy of the BDS starter kit for $49.95). You may then begin building immediately by choosing to activate either one or three business centers to take full advantage of the USANA compesation.

OPTION A. - ONE BUSINESS CENTER - One business center gives you 2 legs. To activate one Business Center, you must generate at least 150 Sales Volume Points. 10% commissions on group sales volumes are possible with this option.

OPTION B. - THREE BUSINESS CENTERS – To activate three Business Centers you must generate 450 sales volume points within the first 6 Fridays after enrollment. The 3 Business Center Option essentially assigns yourself to the first 2 positions below you, thereby giving you three different points to draw commissions from. By "being" the first 2 people beneath yourself, you end up with 4 legs instead of 2. 20% commissions on group sales volumes are possible with this option.

AUTOSHIP: USANA offers a convenient autoship program that provides an additional 10% discount to Associates for any product purchase.

COMISSION ELIGIBILILTY: in order to eligible to earn commissions an associate must generate at least 100 sales volume points in product sales and meet sales requirements as stipulated in the Associate Agreement.

INITIAL PRODUCT ORDER OPTIONS: There are many options involving different products and packages that USANA offers. The basic chart below will give you the costs of some of the options. Our senior team members are available to assist you in Associate enrollment and business center activation.


Suggested Initial USANA Product Options Chart

Content/Benefits Basic 250 Pack 3 Business Builder Pack
Number of Business Centers 1 Business Center 3 Business Center
Cost to Join USANA $19.95-$49.95 $19.95-$49.95
Item Number 420 401
Number of Business Centers 1 3
Variety of the USANA® nutritional products Yes Yes
Variety of the Sensé™ skincare products
Yes 5 day samples Yes
Cycles of Online Business Cycles 5 10
$100 Event Coupons
1 2
Marketing Materials No No
Total Sales Volume Points 250 500
Price with Autoship 349.95 $698.85

Your monthly operating budget

This is a real business, and as with any other legitimate business, there will be ongoing operating monthly expenses. The idea is to have your business become self-supporting and profitable as quickly as possible.

The chart below shows you what our team usually expects in regards to monthly operating cost.

Cost/Month Estimated
(for personal/customer use)*
(Generating leads/traffic)
Average = $50
Long Distance
Total $130-$600/month
Average = $150
* Associate that want to be eleigible to earn commisions generate 100 sales volume points of product per month and increase to 200 sales volume points when needed.

We encourage everyone who joins the Health to Freedom Team to activate 3 Business Centers instead of 1 because of the dramatic potential commission increase. However, there are people doing very well with a single business center.

If you are on a limited budget but still determined to join with 3 business centers, the Health to Freedom senior team members can assist you. They are experts in additional creative options that can more cost effectively generate the personal volume required to activated 3 centers.

Thank you for making it to the end of our online text presentation. Make sure you watch the Health to Freedom introductory all the way through at least once if you have not already.
There are expert Team Members available to you now to answer any other questions you might have. We will be happy to walk you through a pain free enrollment in USANA making sure you understand every issue on the application, as well as helping you become a member of our Health to Freedom Internet Team.

And if the time is not right for you to join our team today and you just want to buy some of USANA's #1 Rated Products, one of our team members will be happy to assign you a FREE Preferred Customer Number that will allow you to purchase online directly from USANA at the same wholesale price associates receive.

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